Go bargain hunting for unique pieces in these second-hand shops

Go bargain hunting for unique pieces in these second-hand shops

Second-hand clothes and furniture shops are springing up all across the region. Here is our pick of the best places to head to for a vintage shopping spree.

Sapriskids in Charleroi

Cécile and Roxy, both hailing from Charleroi, took over the idea of “Jolis Bandits”, that Julie launched a few years ago in Montigny-le-Tilleul. They offer a range of second-hand clothes for children aged 0 to 12 as well as games for hire.

They have recently been fundraising to open a shop in the heart of Charleroi. The opening is planned for the end of November.

The bibise qui claque

Artist Caroline Bizet breathes new life into old furniture. She tastefully transforms chairs, armchairs, tables… and gives them a new lease of life. She mainly works with the Ressourcerie du Val de Sambre when selling her creations.

This creator breathes new life into old furniture.

Boulevard Vintage in Roselies

Marina, aka Sweetybreaktime, set up Boulevard Vintage, an eshop selling second-hand clothes for men and women. Highly committed to the concept, this young woman promotes slow fashion, which respects the environment, animals and people working in the production chain. She organises onsite sales in Roselies each new season.

There are several second-hand clothes on sale in the eshop..

Troc’inn in Charleroi

This boutique sells high end clothing and accessories second hand at affordable prices. This sales depot, established in Charleroi 15 years ago, attracts a large clientele who come hunting for all the big names in fashion (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Prada, Vuitton), but who also care about the environment and their bank balances.

Perlipopette in Bourlers (Chimay)

This eshop has developed its activities based on selling second-hand clothing “for all genders, sizes and for the whole family”. Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, this project offers assistance to people affected by handicaps or rare illnesses. Emilie and her mother are the founders and are now assisted by Annie, Emilie’s sister-in-law. A bricks and mortar shop is expected to open very soon in a hangar in Bourlers.

Very soon you will be able to discover the boutique in Bourlers for yourself.

D’modez-vous & Rezippons la terre in Châtelet


For Delphine, opening this shop was a dream come true. She very carefully picks out clothing and accessories, buys them from individuals or shops, and showcases them in her shop.

Like many vintage shops, the clothes are stylishly displayed.

Rezippons la terre

This not-for-profit association collects items that have been donated to the shop (clothing, accessories, homeware, books) and then sells them on.

The proceeds go back to MATM (Mouvement d’Actions à travers Monde), a not-for-profit working towards international solidarity, which supports local sustainable development initiatives in Africa and Latin America.

Rezippons la terre also offers:

• dressmaking workshops with CLIC (Intergenerational Couture Recycling Club),
• internships for students,
• social reinsertion courses with the Social Services of Châtelet and d’Aiseau-Presles,
• dressmaking courses for beginners,
• a dressmaking service, Rezip’Express, offering minor alterations.