10 parks to discover in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

10 parks to discover in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area

The municipalities in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area are much greener and covered in trees than you might think. The region is actually teeming with delightful, varied and easily accessible green areas. From the semi-wild gardens that are home to local flora and fauna, to quiet spots with cafes and play areas, there is something for everyone!

At Depelsenaire park, find yourself in an unusual architectural landscape right in the beating heart of Charleroi

The Metropolitan Area has many parks and green spaces dedicated to art and culture. Depelsenaire park is a fine example of one: situated between the High Court and the Commercial Court (formerly the Glass Palace), this 72-acre space is packed with contemporary works of art, enough to arouse the curiosity of art and history buffs.

The park is a tribute to Jacques Depelsenaire (1923-2009), a brilliant local architect who played an active role in the Metropolitan Area’s urban development. Among other buildings with his name attached, he was responsible for building the High Court, the former Glass Palace and Charleroi’s largest hospital. A well-deserved tribute, befitting his immense talent and commitment to the city.

The many sides of Château de Seneffe park

Between its architecture, history and nature, the Château de Seneffe park is the perfect place to go for a walk or a day out.

Thanks to the different ambiance offered by all of the park’s nooks and crannies, your walk will be different every time. The fabulous 22-hectare domain also hosts open air exhibitions and has an events area which is bound to reel you in.

To make your trip even more fun and rewarding, a number of (free) apps for tablets and smartphones allow you to wander around the permanent exhibition space and the park with a guide at your fingertips. There is also an app especially for children.

Serna park: wild hyacinths as far as the eye can see

Discover this green and natural landscape in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area.

Located in Jumet, this 16-hectare domain is crammed with little gems. Between rare tree species, ponds and lush vegetation, this semi-wild area offers ramblers and other nature lovers an opportunity to discover the region’s natural riches in a relaxed setting.

Sometime at the end of April and in early May, there is a wonderful sight to behold: the sumptuous wood hyacinths come into bloom. A magical and timeless event which will remind you of the enchanted dreams of your childhood.

Discover the Gardens of O in Nismes

Take a stroll through the stunning Viroin-Hermeton nature park, a place of peace and quiet which will infuse you with its calm. Rivers, canals, waterfalls, ponds and outdoor games for children will all make for some unforgettable moments.

What makes the domain special is the ability to experience it by foot or on water. Rowing boats are available in the park but also, for a year now, paddleboats have been available as well: a unique concept in Belgium!

Visit the educational garden and greenhouses of Ransart

Learn more about biodiversity, sustainable development and beekeeping in Ransart.

Have you ever wondered where the flowers, shrubs and other plants adorning flowerpots in the Metropolitan Area come from? Look no further! For over 40 years, a flower production site in Ransart has been supplying the city of Charleroi: the greenhouses of Ransart. Each year, approximately 200,000 plants are grown there.

An educational garden is located alongside the greenhouses aiming to raise visitors’ awareness of biodiversity and sustainable development. A medicinal herb garden is open to the public, as well as an educational beehive: very popular among schools in the area. And for the most avid visitors, you can even take beekeeping classes there!

Enjoy a quiet moment as a family or with friends at the Nelson Mandela park

Spanning 67 hectares, the Nelson Mandela park in Monceau is a dream location for families, sporty types and walkers looking to find calm among nature. Its wetland area and pond mean that the park is home to a plethora of animal and plant species; on any given day you might spot toads, frogs, dragonflies and many different species of birds.

Open every day, this park is also frequented by sporty types and runners: a 1km-long Finnish running track is available, as well as several items of outdoor fitness equipment. For children, there are play areas to enjoy in the landscaped sections of the park.

Take a breath of fresh air in Châtelet park

Discover the Citizens’ Orchard and the remarkable trees of Châtelet park.

Located in the heart of Châtelet, you might describe this park as the green lungs of the municipality. Its 15 hectares allow inhabitants to walk around freely and to spot the park’s magnificent silver linden trees, copper beeches and exotic trees.

Open free of charge, the park has a stream running through it which then flows into a small pond. You will also find the Citizens’ Garden and the Citizens’ Orchard, both of which can be accessed free of charge by anyone living in the municipality or by people visiting the Metropolitan Area.

Enjoy a spur of the moment barbecue in the Gardens of Fleurus

After going for a walk, bike ride or horseback ride along one of the domain’s 13 trails, some of which even have themes, you can enjoy a well-earned moment of relaxation thanks to the barbecue areas and playgrounds accessible free of charge 7 days a week from 10:00 to 22:00.

A garden at the foot of the oldest collegiate church in Belgium

Looking to recharge your batteries and stroll around a calm and tranquil setting? The Gardens of Folcuin in Lobbes, with its medieval and monastic inspiration, might be just the place you’re looking for.

Easy to access once you’ve crossed a little revamped square in Lobbes, the garden is maintained by a group of volunteers called “The Friends of the Collegiate Church”.

You will find rows of aromatic and medicinal plants, a flower garden, ferns, but also many fruit trees and flowerbeds.

The delightful backdrop of Ham-sur-Heure chateau park

Between the walls of the Ham-sur-Heure chateau, which today houses the local council administrative offices, a green park is nestled away, open to the public, which offers a number of scenic walks.

During your visit, don’t miss a chance to discover the Museum of Rural and Artisanal Life, which is also in the château.