Trades in short supply: don’t miss out on these new training courses!

Trades in short supply: don’t miss out on these new training courses!

Butcher, glazier, accountant, agricultural mechanic or even bricklayer, Wallonia has an increasing number of professions in short supply. In a bid to meet these labour needs whilst creating jobs in the region, the Charleroi Metropolitan Area is offering several new training courses organised by various higher education institutions and approved centres.

Glazier in Cefoverre

Located in Jumet, Cefoverre is undoubtedly one of the mainstays of the local glass industry. In collaboration with Le Forem, the centre organises training courses for jobseekers entitled “operator technician in the glass industry” and “glazing operator”. It is free to sign up for these apprenticeship schemes and they include practical courses at the Cefoverre site, followed by an internship at a company.

The aim of this training is for Cefoverre to provide apprentices with practical and cross-cutting skills, whilst giving them the best chances of entering the labour market. Due to its good reputation, the centre is constantly coming into contact with the big names in the sector, which boosts students’ employability rating to over 90%. Don’t wait any longer, give it a try!

Butcher, delicatessen specialist and caterer at IFAPME

Taking place over three years, the course can also include a period of in-work training.

Have you ever thought about becoming a butcher, delicatessen specialist or caterer ? If you would like to train in one of these professions, look no further: the Walloon Institute for In-Work Training for the Self-employed and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, IFAPME, is offering a new training course in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area.

This programme will train you in all aspects of the trade: you will learn how to cut and debone meat, select your ingredients, learn kitchen discipline and provide top-notch service to your future customers.

Multi-skilled agricultural and civil engineering mechanic at CDC Technocampus

In Wallonia, the profession of agricultural machinery mechanic has been in short supply for several years now. In order to deal with this now urgent situation, the Forem Logistics Hainaut Competence Centre has set up a twenty-week training course followed by 480 hours of work experience.

The result of a collaboration with the CDC Technocampus of Gosselies, this learning programme is solely for jobseekers: the organisation’s target audience. Spread over one year, the training favours self-study through workshops and group courses. The programme includes practical skills such as component assembly, electrical circuit maintenance and diesel engine repair.

Masonry at ConstruForm Hainaut

Taking place at the Châtelineau site in the municipality of Châtelet, the programme offered by ConstruForm Hainaut aims to train students and job seekers in all aspects of masonry: from how to build brick walls to the placement of insulating materials and laying of pavements, this training covers all aspects of the masonry profession.

To be admitted to the course, you need to meet a number of prerequisites such as having a good knowledge of the metric system, how to calculate area and knowledge of French. Give it a go!

Accountant at IFAPME

The training features several disciplines such as computer science, business law and financial mathematics.

In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of job vacancies in the accounting sector. To meet this demand, IFAPME has set up a three-year postgraduate programme to train young people as self-employed or in-house accountants.

The admission requirements for this course are simple: you only need to present your certificate of higher secondary education, or proof that you have passed the entrance examination of a university or college. However, if you do not have these documents, your application may also be considered if you pass the IFAPME entrance test.

The new training courses on offer in the Charleroi Metropolitan Area present some excellent opportunities in terms of employment and activity. Whether at IFAPME, Cefoverre, CDC Technocampus or ConstruForm Hainaut, a bright future is within everyone’s reach!