Radiologist in Charleroi, a cutting-edge challenge

Radiologist in Charleroi, a cutting-edge challenge

Grand Hôpital de Charleroi, Charleroi

Ariane Grégoire, 31-year-old Charleroi resident, is a radiologist at Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (GHdC). She diagnoses diseases in patients by using MRI analyses, scanners, echographs, etc. An exciting professional challenge for a doctor at the start of her career which combines autonomy and responsibility.

One of GHdC’s radiology departments is established at Notre-Dame in Charleroi

‘The GHdC is a large structure, it welcomes a large number of patients, sometimes with complicated pathologies. I enjoy handling special cases, it’s a real scientific challenge,’ explains Ariane.

Ariane has worked in the radiology department for a few years. Under the recommendations of the GP, patients go there to undergo various tests: spinal cord infiltration in order to relieve some types of pain (injection of a medication), scan, echograph and radiology (x-rays), as well as MRIs (magnetic rays). In this department, she performs infiltrations more specifically and is involved in analysing scan results.

I enjoy handling special cases, it’s a real scientific challenge

‘I observe all the symptoms and I offer a diagnosis. It’s exciting. You have to recall a lot of knowledge. It really involves every part of the body.’  For some patients, she consults other specialists in other areas to discuss and scrutinise her diagnosis. For example, she frequently holds discussions with a paediatrician or a neurologist for certain pathologies.

Her analysis is vital: it has a significant impact on the patient. It will be the source of basic information for establishing treatment. If the medical responsibilities are significant, the gratitude of the patients and the medical staff is particularly encouraging and motivating for Ariane.

In addition to the machines, listening and empathy are vital when delivering results at the GHdC

Efficient machines for multi-disciplinary work

In addition to efficient machines and a high level of pathophysiological expertise, it is important for Ariane that her service evolves with the patients depending on their needs. This evolution is reflected in a multi-disciplinary way with specific cases, encountered in the field.

From time to time, we organise meetings to discuss cases, our positions and our analyses. I think this is very important, it contributes to the development and progress of medicine.

The radiology department has 32 radiologists. The atmosphere among doctors is warm and constructive: ‘It’s typical of the Charleroi culture, here everyone kisses each other in greeting.’

Of course, the day-to-day also has its share of difficulties. Organising care and schedules is not always easy and requires time. You have to consider the doctors’ availability and their specialism, as well as equipment currently spread over five sites.

Several skilled employees check the images in order to detect potential anomalies

The new GHdC, technological promise

Although the hospital currently offers a cutting-edge service, it will soon see a real revolution. The GHdC which today comprises five hospital sites (Sainte-Thérèse, IMTR, Saint-Joseph, Notre-Dame and Reine Fabiola) has started building a site that will bring together all of its departments in one place in Gilly, known as ‘Viviers’. It should open in 2024.

The GHdC will therefore implement a new way of working in accordance with the higher standards that exist today.

Medical imaging will reach an even more advanced level. ‘We will go from 1,100 beds to 900 beds. Certainly, the structure will be smaller, but the work will be better distributed. Procedures will be optimised to the benefit of the patient. What’s more, the offices will be combined in order to encourage discussions between doctors and nurses,’ explains Ghislain Vandenbosch, head of the medical imaging department.

In the face of this project, Ariane is looking forward to being part of the change.

I’m excited to be a part of the transformation of the GHdC, to be involved in this challenge.

The fixed hours and accessibility that the GHdC offers also contributes to Ariane’s personal development. ‘If I had to sum up my job here, I would characterise it by the good Charleroi atmosphere and the trust that is given to young doctors at the start of their careers.’


General number for the Notre Dame, Saint-Joseph, IMTR, Sainte-Thérèse et Reine Fabiola : +32 (0)71 10 21 11

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