Think of your local artisan chocolatiers this Easter (especially during this period)

Think of your local artisan chocolatiers this Easter (especially during this period)

Chocolate eggs and rabbits definitely come with a local and artisanal flavour this year.

The Charleroi Metropolitan Area boasts an array of artisan chocolatiers who continue to delight our taste buds, even during this period of confinement. Here are some places that are ideal for your Easter egg hunts and stocking up on special treats: there’s no better time to discover them…

La Boîte à chocolat in Montigny-le-Tilleul

A chocolatier since 2005, Olivier Menth makes his pralines by hand. During this period, his workshop is still open to the public: you can go and individually pick out your chocolatey treats! Explore, for example, his peanut pralines: truly a delight to the senses. You can also obtain a full list of Easter creations by e-mail or via messenger.

Olivier Menth never fails to surprise his clients with his traditional high quality pralines.

La Dacquoise in Gozée

Dimitri Salmon, who runs La Dacquoise, has honed his creative flair in the fabulous world of chocolate. He plays around with shapes, sizes, and all manner of preparations to create pralines and desserts which are surprising but above all delicious. His imagination has not lain fallow during this period: just have a look at his adorable bunnies and other Easter-themed creations… Cute and colourful; you’ll want to admire them first before devouring them.

La Dacquoise is still open but with new opening hours. Get your orders in!

Dimitri Salmon makes all of his chocolatey desserts by hand.

Couleur Chocolat in Thuin

Hervé Filleul opened his shop more than 20 years ago. This intrepid explorer of the sugary realm takes inspiration from local and regional specialities and creates new flavours such as his l’Eau de Villée truffles or his mare’s milk liqueur pralines (sourced from a farm in Biesme-sous-Thuin).

For a number of years now he has been working on a selection of organic pralines. This new range of flavours is winning over many customers. An educator at heart, he shares his passion in his workshop with curious minds from all walks of life.

During this time of crisis, Couleur Chocolat has been adapting and putting measures in place to protect employees and customers alike. This is how the shop has been able to stay open but with reduced hours. Hervé Filleul has approached the crisis with a healthy dose of humour by equipping his little Easter bunnies with masks to keep them safe too…

Couleur Chocolat: adapting to current circumstances.

Pralines de Chimay at l’Escaillère (Chimay)

La Chocolaterie Gillot, also known as ‘Pralines de Chimay’, has been seducing our palettes for over 20 years with a countless number of chocolate-based delights. Vincent Gillot, the master chocolate maker, welcomes visitors to his chocolate bar where he reveals all of his secrets. Take a big bite out of a chocolate bell or nibble on one of these irresistible bunnies.

The chocolate shop is still open but has adapted to current circumstances and prefers to take orders by phone or email to limit the amount of time spent in the shop

Exposition de chocolats
Discover the many recipes from this Chimay-based chocolatier

Chocolaterie Vanlieff’s at Chastrès (Walcourt)

Martine Vanliefferinge and her partner Daniel specialise in handmade truffles and pralines. They work exclusively with chocolate produced from cocoa-growing which respects producers.

They also organise visits to their workshop. With their unique creative touch, these master chocolatiers make extremely fine figurines out of chocolate as we discovered in a previous article.

Don’t hesitate to place your order by phone in time for Easter!

Chocolatier en train de préparer ses pralines
Martine’s partner Daniel fills each praline with an extreme level of attention to detail

Le Chocolat Champagne at Nalinnes

Arnaud Champagne has always been passionate about chocolate. He has successfully risen to the challenge of personalising (upon request) each and every one of his mouthwatering creations. Always eager for discovery, his pralines and chocolate bars are packed with surprises. Listed in the Gault&Millau guide, he has gained public admiration over the course of several competitions (in particular the ‘Belgium Chocolaterie Awards 2018’).

The shop has been adapting to the crisis too; chocolate lovers will find the full range of Easter-themed items on the website. You can send your order form by email: you can either collect orders from the shop or have them delivered (free for orders over 25 €, within a 15km radius from the shop).

Arnaud Champagne perfecting new recipes in his laboratory.

Les Chocolats Chantal Degreve in Seneffe

Set up in Seneffe in 2001, this chocolate specialist uses local specialities to create their range of products. Under the name of ‘Trahison Chocolat’, truffles are the house speciality. Prepare to be bowled over by their chocolate figurines.

Exposition de truffes
This chocolate house bases their Easter range on their special truffle recipe

La Chocolaterie Bressant in Beaumont

Alain and Cathy Bressant, in Beaumont, have been making pralines for over 30 years. Featured by the Gault&Millau guide, these chocolatiers work with high quality and sustainably-sourced cocoa beans. During this period, they have been making chocolate eggs with unusual flavours and ingredients which are as pleasing on the eye as they are on the palette.

The shop is still open but prefers to take orders over the phone. Also, if you cannot get to them, they are happy to deliver within a 20km radius from the shop.

La chocolaterie Van der Linden in Courcelles

Starting out in 1993 under the name of Walchocart, Patrice Van der Linden makes chocolate sculptures using high quality raw materials. They always come with his trademark originality.

He makes over 40 types of pralines, all by hand. When you are next browsing in the shop, have a peek into the workshop and see him at work.

For Easter, place your orders here

Patrice Van der Linden makes all of his pralines by hand.

Other places to try for high quality Easter eggs

During this festive period and given the particular circumstances, we need a good dose of chocolate to boost our morale… Spare a thought for the local craftspersons in the Metropolitan Area; they too need our support! And why not take advantage of the delivery services offered by some to surprise your loved ones…

In addition to the artisans featured here, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to others as well as your local baker: they too will have sweet treats on offer… Hainaut – Terre de goûts also has listings of names and addresses from around the Metropolitan area, and Hainaut more broadly.