The Metropole

Charleroi Métropole has 29 boroughs and close to 600,000 residents. Its area stretches over 2,000 km² and provides an incredible level of economic and cultural diversity, together with varied tourism and landscapes. Discover the multiple unexpected sides to its personality.

  • Map of Charleroi Métropole

    Map of Charleroi Métropole

    An unusual and surprising area! Explore the 29 boroughs which make up Charleroi Métropole, from the more rural to the more urban, thanks to an interactive map and numerous photographs.

  • Charleroi Métropole key statistics

    Charleroi Métropole key statistics

    Cutting-edge companies, unusual excursions and a lively setting... Charleroi Métropole is characterised by its variety and diversity: discover it through a few significant statistics.

  • Why Charleroi Métropole?

    Why Charleroi Métropole?

    Charleroi Métropole is developing a truly dynamic community of boroughs and the region’s stakeholders to combine their efforts for the benefit of the residents. Find out about its objectives in detail.

  • Charleroi Métropole structures

    Charleroi Métropole structures

    Charleroi Métropole brings together the driving forces of the region within the Conférence des bourgmestres de Charleroi Métropole [Conference of the mayors of Charleroi Métropole] and the Comité de développement stratégique de Charleroi Métropole [Greater Charleroi Strategic Development Committee].