Map of Charleroi Métropole

Charleroi Métropole, it’s a story of synergy between urban and rural, dynamic towns and villages, economic density, craftsmanship, agriculture, tourism, folklore and other specific local features.

A synergy between north and south

Charleroi Métropole offers its residents a varied lifestyle, whether urban or rural. The north of the region is essentially a dense economic and urban fabric, as well as a ‘crown’ of dynamic boroughs and villages. Whilst the south of the region has a rural, agricultural and forested character, perfect for tourism, unique economic specialities, a wealth of craftsmanship, folklore and heritage, as well as small centres of activity.

29 boroughs and close to 600,000 residents

29 boroughs and close to 600,000 residents

  1. Seneffe
  2. Pont-à-Celles
  3. Les Bons Villers
  4. Fleurus
  5. Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont
  6. Courcelles
  7. Charleroi
  8. Farciennes
  9. Châtelet
  10. Aiseau-Presles
  11. Anderlues
  12. Fontaine-l’Évêque
  13. Montigny-le-Tilleul
  14. Gerpinnes
  15. Lobbes
  16. Thuin
  17. Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes
  18. Merbes-le-Château
  19. Erquelinnes
  20. Beaumont
  21. Walcourt
  22. Sivry-Rance
  23. Froidchapelle
  24. Cerfontaine
  25. Philippeville
  26. Momignies
  27. Chimay
  28. Couvin
  29. Viroinval